Jews Involved in Trump Impeachment

Last NameFirst NameNationality\FieldProfessionPositionWealthPartyImpeachmentInfo Link 1Info Link 2Other Info
AzmanMosheUkrainianRabbiRabbiWorked with Parnas and Fruman and GiulianiYesFrom The Forward
CohenStevenUSGovtCongressmanHouse Judicary CommitteeYesOn PBS
EngleElliotUSGovtCongressmanChair, House Foreign Affairs CmteDemoYes
FrumanIgorUkrainianBizBizBizYesGiuliani friend
GoldmanDanielUSGovtHouse Intelligence committee lawyer questioning witnessesYes
LoweyNitaUSGovtCongresswomanChair, House Approriations CmteYes
LuriaElaineUSGovtCongresswomanHouse national securityDemoYesFrom The Forward
NadlerJerryUSGovtCongressmanChair JudiciaryDemoYes
NadlerJerryUSGovtCongressmanChair, House Judiciary CmteYes
ParnasLevUkrainianBizBizBizYesGiuliani friend
SchiffAdamUSGovtCongressmanChair, House Intel CmteDemoYes
SchumerChurckUSGovtSenatorMinority LeaderDemoYes
SlotkinElissaUSGovtCongresswomanHouse national securityDemoYesFrom The Forward
VindmanAlexanderUSArmyArmyLt. ColYesBorn in Ukraine
VindmanYevgenyUSLawWhite HouseNSCYesBorn in Ukraine
YovanovitchMarieUSGovtAmbassadorAmb to UkraineYesForeign Service Officer

Jew Coup

Donald Trump makes it impossible to defend him. His decision to tweet insults at Amb. Marie Yovanovitch while she was testifying was reprehensible. It was not ungentlemanly and low-class.  I do not believe he has committed an impeachable crime, but I want to see him gone. The United States should not put him in the same room with polite people at the G-7 and other international meetings.

Nevertheless, I am concerned that there is a Jewish conspiracy to take control of the United States by destroying the remaining power of the former white majority. Jews do not intend to share power with blacks and Hispanics, but they see them as useful tools in their attacks on whites. I don’t think Jews see Asians as reliable allies like blacks and Hispanics. Jews probably see Asians as the enemy, as they do whites of Western European ancestry.

Following the election of Barak Obama and the nomination of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party broke with average white guys. Hillary put them in a “basket of deplorables” along with her husband, Bill. Of the current crop of 20 Democratic hopefuls, only Joe Biden approaches being an average white guy. Although Hillary is not Jewish, she was the candidate of the big-money, big-power Jews. Most of the supporters of Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, were and are non-Jews. It’s not clear to me who the big-money Jews will back now that Hillary is gone. Maybe that is why Michael Bloomberg, who is Jewish, is planning to get into the race. He may be backed by billions from Wall Street Jews, who backed Hillary last time, as well as from his own personal billions.

Before the Democrats, Jewish and non-Jewish, can make a major move in the election, however, they have to do something about Donald Trump. That’s where impeachment comes in.

Despite the chants at Charlottesville, it is likely that Jews will replace us white people. Donald Trump ran as the great white hope, but he has been a terrible leader. Who would have thought that a billionaire realtor from New York would represent the mass of white Americans – small businessmen, farmers, bureaucrats, and blue-collar workers—from middle America? His profile looks a lot more like a Jew’s than an average white guy’s. George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter look like average white guys, and they are all from the South.

Because they have to do something about Trump, there has arisen a Jewish conspiracy within the Democratic Party to impeach Trump when they could find an opportunity. They thought Mueller would give them the ammunition, but he didn’t. Studying the situtation, Jewish Democratic lawyers identified the whistleblower statute as a means to initiate the impeachment process. The chairmen of all the relevant House committees – Intelligence, Judiciary, and Foreign Affairs — are Jews. When a Jew, Volodymyr Zelensky, was elected President of Ukraine, it made Ukraine a focus of the Jewish strategy, because it meant that Jews could work together. I don’t know if the whistleblower is Jewish, but Amb. Yovanovitch and Lt. Col. Vindman are. The fact that the whistleblower consulted with Chairman Schiff before filing his complaint indicates that he is friendly to the Jewish conspiracy if not Jewish himself, just as Hillary was the candidate of the Jews although she was not Jewish. The whistleblower complaint allowed the House to start the impeachment process, since the Mueller report had not. Once the whistleblower had enabled the hearings to take off, there was no longer any need for him or her.  The Democratic media – most TV networks, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc. – would make sure the hearings took on a life of their own.

I’m not sure what the Democratic strategy is for the next steps. The actual bill of impeachment will have to go through Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, and Nadler has shown himself to be much less media savvy than Adam Trump and his Intelligence Committee. Because it is very unlikely that the Republican Senate will vote to impeach, it may be that the Democrats just want to get as much dirt out on Trump as possible to weaken his chances in the next election.

I don’t think there is enough evidence to honestly impeach Trump. As bad as I think he is, I don’t think he has committed an impeachable offense. However, he is bad enough that I would like to see him gone. For me, the best course would be for everyone in Congress, House and Senate, Democrat and Republican, to go to Trump and tell him he has to leave and turn over the government to Pence. If he refused, they would draft the most powerful bill of censure possible, and the Republicans would refuse to nominate Trump for 2020. He could still run on a third-party ticket, like Teddy Roosevelt, but hopefully he would not be re-elected.

Meanwhile, our “great white hope,” Trump, has made white people look like terrible people – cowardly, incompetent, mean-spirited, impolite, ungenerous – an example of someone you would never want to associate with.

In a way, the defeat of Hillary may have played into the hands of the Jews who want to rule America. Jews certainly look like much better people than the people Donald Trump represents. If this is the best while people can do, it may be time for them to let somebody else take over.

Trump has so far failed at almost everything he promised to do, starting with immigration. He has not stopped illegal immigration; he has just made it a more bitter, more divisive issue. He has failed to stop North Korea’s nuclear program. Health care is still a mess. There is no trade deal with China or Mexico. He did pass a tax cut, but that is like saying he succeeded in giving candy to a baby. The tax cut included a huge budget deficit, which will be bad for the long-term health of the US economy, but it may be one reason the stock market keeps going up, something that Trump frequently takes credit for. The stock market is a baby that likes candy.

But the bottom line for me is that impeachment is a smart strategy that Jews have cooked up to get rid of Trump. It is not the impeachment contemplated by the Constitution. The Democrats have tried to make it look like it is be focusing on the work “bribery,” which is in the Constitution as a basis for impeachment; However, it is clear from the context that the Constitution refers to the President accepting a bribe from someone, not to a bribe being offered by the President. The CIA, which is part of the President’s executive branch, bribes people every day to give the CIA information. The Constitution was worried that a President would sell out the US for money, not that he would persuade another country to sell out itself. Unfortunately, this impeachment exercise is a stage play, and the Democrats can say that “bribery” or “high crimes and misdemeanors” means whatever they want it to mean. Impeachment is a political act, not a legal proceeding.

What is the quid pro quo?

In discussing the meeting between Donald Trump, Jr., and the Russian lawyer Vel…, the Mueller Report said that campaign dirt on a political opponent, as offered by Russia, was not a thing-of-value, and therefore not something that could be a quid pro quo.

While this is a debatable point, nobody in the commentariat is talking about it.  There is an additional element, the $400 million for Ukraine, but this cash is not a benefit to Trump.  Withholding it may be inappropriate but may not be illegal, and in any event,  Trump finally released it.

Few legal issues are black and white.  The fact that no one is talking about the legal aspects of the Ukrainian deal lends credence to Trump’s claims that the House impeachment hearings are a kangaroo court or a lynching, because it looks like a rush to judgment disregarding legal niceties,  In addition, the media looks like it does not understand the legal issues involved.  They ignore the Mueller Report because it was too balanced and legalistic.  Tey want something clear and simple, but impeachment legal issues are not clear and simple.

I think the Democrats might have a better chance of removing Trump under the 25th Amendment than through impeachment, although the Lawfare blog argues that it would more difficult. It might be even more difficult because Trump has so few confirmed Cabinet secretaries.  Nevertheless, the 25th Amendment seems appropriate for Trump’s craziness, although he is probably not legally mentally incompetent.

In any case, I think it is questionable that the Ukraine imbroglio is a sufficient basis for impeachment.  The Democrats need to broaden the impeachment to cover his inept handling of other issues, not only in foreign policy, but his repeated lying, and mishandling of other issues. If the House wants to include failure to respond to their subpoenas, they should vote to make this an official impeachment process. Focusing on Ukraine alone is too narrow.