Jews Claim to Be White and Semitic


Jews frequently shout “Anti-Semitism” when anybody says anything critical of them; however, when organizations label their population or membership, Jews claim to be white.  They oppose adding “Jewish” as a racial category anywhere.  As a result, if you look at population figures, it is difficult to figure out what the Jewish population is.  You frequently see estimates of 2% or 3%, but is it?  Is Jewishness a race or a religion or both?  For population figures, it has to be a race, rather than a religion, unless you are specifically counting members of religions.  In general, people think of white people as European.  Jews have lived in central and eastern Europe for a thousand years; yet, they have refused to assimilate and have remained, by their own declarations, Middle Eastern Semites.  They insist that they are not European.  And thus, I believe they insist that they are not “white.”

I began thinking about this when looking at diversity statistics for elite universities.  These days diversity is everything, and Harvard claims to be one of the most politically correct, diverse universities in existence.  According to, Harvard is one of the most diverse universities.  It ranks 11th out of 2,475.  Here are two of the charts from CollegeFactual, one for undergraduates and one for faculty:


Group Percent of Undergraduates
White 45.1%
Asian 16.6%
Non-Resident Alien 11.9%
Hispanic/Latino 10.1%
Black or African American 6.1%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0.3%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.1%
Ethnicity Unknown 9.8%

From <>



Group Percent of Faculty
White 69.2%
Non-Resident Alien 9.1%
Asian 7.6%
Hispanic/Latino 6.5%
Black or African American 6.0%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0.2%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.1%
Ethnicity Unknown 1.3%

From <>

Note that neither chart has a group called “Jewish” or “Semitic.”  Therefore, Harvard has clearly labeled Jewish students and faculty as “white”  On the other hand, the Jewish organization Hillel says 12% of the undergraduate population is Jewish, and 67% of the graduate students are Jewish.  If a total of 12% of all undergrad Harvard students are Jewish, then about 27% of the total “white” students are Jewish, and only about 33% of all Harvard students are whites of European ancestry, as opposed to Semitic ancestry.  If Jews make up only 2% or 3% of the US population, then Jews are overrepresented at Harvard by several hundred percent, and European whites, who make up about half of the US population are seriously underrepresented.  No one really knows, because Jews refuse to be counted as Jews; therefore, they can be Jews when they want to be, and whites when they want to be.  It’s dishonest and cruel, but that’s what Harvard stands for and teaches.

Because Jews refuse to be identified as Jews except in Jewish circles (e.g., the Hillel statistics), this same technique is used everywhere.  The US Census may ask about immigration status and whether someone is black or white, but it will not ask if someone is Jewish.  Jews won’t allow it.





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