Race vs. Individuals

Minorities would improve their lot if they focused on individuals, rather than on their race.  When everything is about race, it tends to accentuate the differences between races, rather than lessening them.

To me, “Black Lives Matter” is really saying, “Give us money,” rather than demanding equal treatment.  I am all for equal treatment before the law, but I am not in favor of reparations or affirmative action.  Your father or grandfather may have been mistreated, but the question today is whether you are being mistreated.  You should not be compensated for sins against your fathers.

There are many fine black people who have succeeded in today’s America without special assistance from the government.  They have succeeded because they were smart and hardworking, or maybe like many white people, just because they were lucky.  Although I am against affirmative action or reparations, or anything else that separates the black race from other races, blacks should be treated equally with whites before the law, in doing business, in getting into schools, in dealings with the police, etc.  Blacks have been discriminated against in the past, unable to get loans, sent to segregated schools.  That should end, but they should not be paid reparations for what happened in the past.  Create a level playing field and stick to it.

If white cops kill blacks in violation of the law, they should be punished for it.  In most of the cases that have been protested by Black Lives Matter, the black man who was killed resisted arrest or tried to escape by running or driving away.  Blacks have to obey the police like everybody else; they should not be allowed to fight or threaten cops.  If they do, they are subject to physical force from the police, just like whites, up to and including being shot, depending on how violently they resist arrest or abuse the cops.  The same standards should apply to whites being arrested.

Many whites are afraid of blacks, and with good reason.  Black neighborhoods are more dangerous than white neighborhoods.  In general, there is more violent behavior in black neighborhoods, more shootings and violent crimes.  There is a reason people do not want to drive through black neighborhoods at night.  On the other hand, if someone knows a black person from work or socially, and knows that they are not threatening, then that fear element is eliminated.  Black communities need to do the same thing that black individuals have done: prove their decency and humanity.  Blacks should make their neighborhoods so safe that no one will fear to go there.  If they change their behavior, whites will change their attitudes toward them.  Currently the black attitude is, “I don’t have to change; you have to accept me as I am (and, implicitly, if you don’t, I will beat the living tar out of you).”

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