Georgia Voting Law

All the furor about the recent changes in the Georgia voting law ignores the fact that several states changed their voting laws shortly before the 2020 election to make it easier for people to vote.  Here is a CBS summary of the new law.  CBS’s parent company, Viacom, issues a statement condemning the law by calling for greater voter access, according to Deadline

Pennsylvania and North Carolina extended absentee ballot deadlines for the 2020 elections, which was allowed by the US Supreme Court, according to the New York Times.  Wisconsin’s laws on absentee ballots were also upheld by the Supreme Court.  Changes to voting laws were also challenged in Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Tennessee, New York, California, and Georgia, according to NBC

Some changes were justified by saying that Covid restrictions required the changes.  In any case, Georgia did not change its voting laws in 2021 out of the blue.  It was a reaction to the changes made by many states before the 2020 election. 

The criticisms of the new Georgia law focus on saying that it restricts black voting.  However, the law applies equally to black and white voters.  The black argument is essentially that black voters cannot possible meet the same voting standards as white voters.  Blacks claim they are in worse physical shape than whites and require bottles of water and other assistance if they have to stand in line to vote.  Black people claim they are unable to travel to the polls like white people and are only able to vote from home by mail.  Essentially blacks claim that they cannot vote like whites because they are inferior; yet, they have spent the last hundred years claiming that they are not inferior.  Which is it?  Blacks need “affirmative action” to help them vote, just like in every other part of life, because they cannot compete with whites.  “Oh, help me, help me!  I’m black and I need help to do anything.”

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