Blacks Should Stop Complaining

The main lesson I draw from the non-stop coverage of cops shooting blacks is that blacks as a race are violent, dangerous lawbreakers.  This New York Times article about a Supreme Court decision highlights the degree to which cops are threatened daily by blacks.  Almost all of the cases espoused by Black Lives Matter have involved blacks who were violating the law, threatened other people, and tried to escape from the arresting policeman.  Usually, the black person was not shot until they tried to escape. 

While white cops might treat blacks roughly and arrest them more often than whites, it looks like if the blacks did not resist arrest, they would not get shot.  In many of these cases the blacks being arrested already had police records.  While they may have been stopped for “driving while black,” the problem was that when the police checked their name, there was an outstanding warrant from their arrest.  These were bad people and, in most cases, violent. 

Black Lives Matter is holding up some of the worst role models for black youth — violent felons or mentally deranged people who were a threat to their community.  George Floyd was a convicted felon, who was engaged in a criminal act (passing counterfeit money) and resisted arrest by the police while he was high on drugs.  Black fathers should have “the talk” and tell their children not to commit crimes and not to resist arrest. 

The news reports of the black men killed by cops make the black community look awful: violent, dishonest, uncivilized.  It’s no wonder that cops are afraid of blacks.  After watching the news, I am afraid of them, too. 

Although blacks as a race appear terrible in the news, there are many individual blacks who are outstanding and should be held up as role models by the community, rather than scum like George Floyd.  At the top of the list is Barak Obama, who was an excellent President for eight years.  Colin Powell was an outstanding general and Secretary of State.  Jeh Johnson was a great Secretary of Homeland Security at a difficult time.  Jim Clyburn was responsible for getting Joe Biden elected President.  Biden has named many good blacks to his administration. There are many other outstanding blacks, but they don’t matter to Black Lives Matter, which wants every black person treated like a king even if he is a violent felon. 

The black community needs to take some pride in itself.  It needs to stop asking for handouts, welfare, and “reparations,” and go to work.  Black people need to be productive members of society, not weights on the system.  They should not need “affirmative action.”  They should be able to compete on a level playing field.  Blacks have been in America for 400 years.  Jews have only been in America in great numbers since World War II but have become leaders in many fields.  Asian Indians have only been here for about a generation, but already they are leaders in many areas – particularly science and business.  Asians have become leaders in tech and finance. Where are the blacks?  They need to study, work hard, and move ahead, rather than complaining and demonstrating. 

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