Abbeville Institute

Facebook has kicked the Abbeville Institute off its platform.  This is an offence against free speech.  The Abbeville Institute is not a crazy, rabble-rousing place from what I can tell by the articles it publishs.  They are supporters of the old South, but this is not a criminal offense.  There are probably a few crazies … Continue reading Abbeville Institute

Stop Idolizing George Floyd

It is sad that Black Lives Matter has made such a point of honoring George Floyd.  He is a human being and should not have been killed by the police.  However, he was a convicted felon for a violent crime, in addition of being a drug user, a poor father, and generally a failure in … Continue reading Stop Idolizing George Floyd


Reparations is not about slavery; it’s about being black.  Slavery ended over 150 years ago. Blacks may claim the segregation lasted much longer, but many blacks moved from the South to the North where there was supposed to be no segregation.  They had the opportunity to make something of themselves, but they didn’t do much … Continue reading Reparations