Jews and Asians at Harvard

A recent report says that Harvard is discriminating against Asian applicants.  Harvard once discriminated against Jewish applicants, but I believe that Harvard has been discriminating in favor of Jewish applicants for years.  It’s difficult to tell, because Jews don’t allow themselves to be identified as Jews, except when they want to be.  When they are identified, it’s sometimes confusing whether only religious Jews are numbered, or all ethnic Jews, a larger number.  Jews who do not want to be identified as such, identify as white.  Thus, the number of “white” students at Harvard includes many Jews, who are not identified separately.  This means that the percentage of students who are non-Jewish white is much less than the published percentage of “white” students.

As a consequence, Harvard has become more and more a Jewish school, most recently recognized by the selection of a new Jewish president, Lawrence Bacow, whose mother was a Holocaust survivor.  Of course, he’s not the first.  Larry Summers was another Jewish president of Harvard.

The problem for Asians is that the Jews at Harvard see Asians as competitors.  Jews are not concerned about blacks and Hispanics, whom they see as inferior races easily dominated by Jews.  They probably see whites as inferior, too, but whites remain competitors because they were the original founders of the United States and of Harvard, and of many American institutions, which give whites advantages beyond what Jews may consider their strengths as a race.  Asians, however, appear to be the equals of the Jews in intelligence and industriousness.  Thus, Jews need to dominate prestigious schools like Harvard to help maintain their position in America.

Of course, it’s not only at universities that Jews (and others) see Asians as competitors.  This Bloomberg article reports how Asians are systematically excluded from corporate executive suites.

It would be interesting if the suit against Harvard by Asians brought out any information about Jews at Harvard, but it is unlikely to do so.  If anything, they will manage to get themselves lumped in with “white” students, so that “whites” will take the blame for any discrimination against Asians.

Fareed Zakaria’s June 28 Washington Post column, “Meritocracy is under attack,” took on the issue of discriminating against Asians, since he is an example of an Asian who went to Harvard.  He points out that until the 1950s, the US was run by White Anglo-Saxon Protestants or WASPs.  The WASPs were removed from power by the concept of a meritocracy that was created by the educational system.  Fareed, of course, as a South Asian, was a beneficiary of this system.  Who created the system?  I think it was largely Jews who were bettering their place in American society.  However, having gained preeminence, they do not plan to give it up, and thus are discriminating against the new rising meritocracy: Asians.


Separation of Immigrant Mothers from Children

Letter sent to Congressman and Senators:

I am writing to alert you to an even bigger problem than the children of illegal immigrants who are being held in immigration child care facilities along the Mexican border.  This is the existence of a huge private child care industry spread across the entire United States, much like the narcotic drug industry.

Every day, millions of mothers and fathers are separated from their children who are placed in day care facilities so that the parents can go to work instead of caring for their own children.  I have it on good authority that every day some of the children in these day care facilities cry and ask for their mommies and daddies.  Sadly, in many cases the children do not cry for their parents because they spend so little time with them that they don’t miss them.

I hope that Congress will act to end this blight on American civilization.  You should make separating mothers from children at day care facilities a federal crime and station federal officers at the doors of these facilities to arrest the parents who attempt to drop off their children and thus separate them from their natural familial bonds.

Please let me know when you will introduce legislation to stop this horrendous crime that is being committed daily across this country.


Trump Campaign Informant

I can’t get excited about protecting the source who reported on Trump’s campaign.  His name has been revealed by the Washington Post as Stefan A. Halper.  I don’t know who revealed it first, but it has now been published by liberal media like the Washington Post who earlier were claiming that it would be the end of the world if the name was revealed.

We still have to figure out the impact of this spying on the 2016 election.  Looking at two or three Trump campaign hangers-on to see if they were Russian agents didn’t affect the election, as Russian media meddling may have.  It does raise the odd issue that the President does not have to get a security clearance like any other government official who has access to classified information.  The voters give the President his security clearance, although at the beginning of his adminsitration, there seemed to be some reluctance by the intelligence community to give Trump an unlimited briefing on the most sensitive intelligence.

If the FBI had found through their spy that Trump was actually working in cooperation with the Russians, what would the FBI have done?  Presumably it would have publicized this fact, as it did Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.  The American people can elect someone who favors a Russian alliance or a Communist government if they want to.  Should the FBI arrest Donald Trump because they think his politics are too favorable to Russia?  Isn’t a Communist allowed to run for President?  Should we prohibit someone from running for President simply because he likes Vladimir Putin?

The FBI and CIA were probably justified in trying to find out whether Trump was a stalking horse for Putin, but that would not justify their arresting him or killing him.  In fact, the proper way for America to handle this situation would have been for the media — newspapers, TV networks, and on-line channels — to investigate and publicize Trump’s connections to Russia, rather than organs of the US government.  Trump is right to be outraged that Obama’s government treated him as if he were a traitor.  The only remedy for a treasonous President is impeachment.

The whole Russia connection brouhaha is a charade to cover up the fact that the Democratic Party ran the worst political campaign in recorded history in 2016.  First, the Democrats pushed out Joe Biden by choosing Hillary Clinton while Biden was mourning the death of his son, displaying despicable callousness and disrespect for him.  Then they ran a fecklsss campaign with no message and no enthusiasm, in essence saying Democrats rule this country by divine right; we don’t have to campaign.