Failure of Democrats to Defeat Worst Republican Ever

According to New York Magazine’s article on the “Fire and Fury” book by Michael Wolff, Trump and his campaign did not expect to win the 2016 election.  It says:

Even though the numbers in a few key states had appeared to be changing to Trump’s advantage, neither Conway nor Trump himself nor his son-in-law, Jared Kushner — the effective head of the campaign — ­wavered in their certainty: Their unexpected adventure would soon be over. Not only would Trump not be president, almost everyone in the campaign agreed, he should probably not be. Conveniently, the former conviction meant nobody had to deal with the latter issue.

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The liberal media have been having a field day criticizing Trump for his poor campaign and rudderless administration, hyping the book, “Fire and Fury.”  The opposite inference from the discussion of this book is that the Democrats failed to defeat the worst candidate who ever ran for President.  The book says that even Trump did not expect to win.

How did the Democratic Party turn out to be such a gigantic failure, pulling defeat from the jaws of victory?  At least part of the problem for Democrats was that they lost contact with a considerable portion of the United States population — ordinary white people.  The Democrats have become the party of minorities — mainly Jews, blacks and Hispanics.  This is probably the constituency of the future, but it was not for 2016.

People ridiculed Trump for saying he would save coal mining jobs despite a failing industry, but the Democratic position was that coal miners should just go away and die.  Meanwhile the Democrats promised and gave billions to blacks, Hispanics and other minorities.  They clearly favored non-citizen DACA kids over unemployed American citizens in the rust belt; however, there were still enough white voters left so that the Democrats’ decision to spit in their faces lost the election.  

Since the election, the Democrats, led primarily by Jews such as Ben Cardin and Adam Schiff, have tried to nullify the election by claiming Russian meddling.  As Congressional committees have failed to remove Trump, the Democrats have turned to special counsel Robert Mueller to find grounds for removing Trump.  Mueller is under extreme pressure from his Democratic patrons to find some way to remove Trump, but he may have the integrity and character to stand up to them and do an honest investigation.  Because of the political animosity surrounding the issue, whatever result he reaches will be subject to strong criticism from one or both sides.  But for now, Trump is still President. 


Jews on Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Once again Jews played a leading role on Sunday morning news talk shows.  On “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd (Jewish), had as commentators David Brooks (Jewish), Danielle Pletka (Jewish),  Mark Leibovich (probably Jewish), and Joy Reid (non-Jewish black woman).  Todd’s main guest was Michael Wolff (Jewish), but he also interviewed Lindsey Graham (not Jewish).  It was mostly Jews, and they all viciously attacked President Trump, except for Sen. Graham.  Of course, Todd is just doing the bidding of his Jewish bosses, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, and president of NBC News, Noah Oppenheim.  

Meanwhile, on his CNN program, “The Global Public Square” Fareed Zakaria had a panel discussing international affairs that was all Jewish — Richard Haass, Jane Harmon, and Dan Senor.  Of course, Fareed himself is not Jewish; he is a Muslim from India.  This GPS panel was more moderate and informative than Todd’s MTP panel.  

Fox’s Sunday show with Chris Wallace was considerably less Jewish, including both the guests and the commentators.  CIA Director Pompeo staunchly defended Trump in the face of some pretty strong questioning by Wallace.  

On CNN’s “State of the Union” Jake Tapper’s interview with White House staffer Stephen Miller went off the rails despite the fact that both Tapper and Miller are Jewish.  Miller spent most of his time criticizing CNN;s anti-Trump bias and defending Trump rather than answering Tapper’s questions.  Miller was followed by Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, also Jewish.  Schiff and Tapper pretty much agreed that Trump has mental problems as described in the new Wolff “Fire and Fury” book.  Schiff also criticized the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton, while Tapper suggested the investigation might be legitimate.  As commentators, Tapper had David Axelrod (Jewish) and Mark McKinnon (probably not Jewish).  The larger panel Tapper had on later did not have any Jewish members.  

ABC’s “This Week” did not feature too many Jews, although ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams is presumably Jewish.  Interviewee Sen. Bernie Sanders is Jewish, but an ethnic Jew who usually does not side with establishment views like those of the Jews on the other shows.  

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Carl Bernstein (Jewish) was an outspoken critic of Trump and defender of the “Fire and Fury” book, particularly questioning Trump’s mental wellness.  The difference between the highly critical Bernstein and his former partner Woodward, who is much more moderate, is notable.  

It appears to me that the “Fire and Fury” book by an unprofessional Jewish tabloid author opens the door for more professional Jewish journalists to criticize Trump as mentally unfit to be President.  I don’t think it was planned, but it grows out of a widespread Jewish hatred and contempt for Trump. Because there are so many Jews in the media, the book serves as the seed that creates a racist snowball of criticism.  

Immigration Needs Action

Official Portrait of President Donald Trump.jpgTrump needs to take action to stem illegal immigration.  This was his first promise when he opened his campaign, and he still has taken no signification action to control it.  I really don’t care about building the wall, as long as new illegal immigration is stopped and meaningful action is taken against aliens who are currently here illegally.  I am not a big fan of DACA, but I agree we should not punish children for the acts of their parents; however, we should restrict DACA benefits to those who have clearly demonstrated a desire to stay here and to contribute to the United States, as opposed to collecting US government benefits.  

We can start by just enforcing the laws on the books.  I issued visas to Brazilians at the American Consulate in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the 1970s.  Whenever I denied a visa, a felt badly because I knew that if that Brazilian lived in Mexico, he could just walk across the border to the US, while that option was not available to Brazilians.  Because of the absence of law enforcement, Mexicans received a gigantic benefit that was available to no other nationality on earth, except Canadians, who didn’t need it.  It was racial discrimination run amok, egregious discrimination against all non-Mexicans around the world.  

Democrats wanted poorer voters who would vote Democratic as soon as they could.  Republicans wanted cheap, illegal labor whom they could pay almost nothing.  Together they conspired to ignore the immigration law, just as bootleggers had ignored prohibition laws in the 1920s.  American immigration law was a joke, a travesty, spit on and reviled by everyone involved, while publicly they left it on the books as if it actually meant anything.  

America has ceased to be a predominantly European country.  It has become a Latin American country, Northern Mexico, run by a coterie of Jews, who as racists, have no trouble subjugating the Mexicans while advocating their addition to the Democratic Party.  

It is probably too late for America.  Europeans are not enthusiastic about coming to a country that no longer espouses European ideals, but instead follows a caudillo model of strongman government (Trump).  It also becomes less attractive to Mexicans, because it now looks much more like Mexico than it used to.  Moving to the US no longer means moving to a more advanced country; it just means more free lunches from time to time, which is reflected in the declining illegal immigration rates.  

Nevertheless, I would like Trump to test the theory that it is not too late for the US to revert to being a European country.  The US is already astoundingly Mexican, but there were enough white people left to elected Donald Trump.  There might be enough left to change the country’s direction.  We won’t know unless we try.  But so far, Trump has not tried.